Monday, August 3, 2009

GIVEAWAY: It's a bird, It's a plane, Itzadog!

We, semi-jokingly, say that our three dogs have more issues than Time Magazine. When we refer to them we call them "the Doggage". A few months ago I bought these great raised dog bowls on wrought-iron frames. The bowls were cute: red ceramic bowls with dog paws on them. I bought them because the oldest dog, Bo, had a bad habit of trying to dig in his metal bowl on the floor when it was digging in it was supposed to suddenly make it fill up with food or water. What would actually happen is Mommy would have to get up and take the bowl away so Digger-the-Dog would stop making his bowl clang around the kitchen.

Except there was a problem...a big problem. Occasionally when the doggage would feed, someone's dog tags would get caught in the wrought-iron frame of the dog feeder. Suddenly you'd hear a huge crash come from the kitchen and one spooked dog who managed to extract his or herself from the "tag-snag" would come busting out of the kitchen like the vet was chasing him with a needle. Food and water would be all over the floor and, more often than not, the bowl would have a chip or break entirely. Twice now I've reordered more bowls.

But I found a fix while browsing the pet store at the mall. Itzadog Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencers.

Itzadog Quiet Spot is a padded Neoprene "bag" that you slip the dog tags into and close with velcro strips that you wrap around the collar's ring. A great device if you don't like to hear the jangle of tags smacking together...especially when you have a scratchy dog itching in the middle of the night!

In our case, Quiet Spot is a real bowl-saver. The dogs' tags are no longer able to wedge themselves into the wrought-iron feeder frame. Goodbye tag-snag!

Quiet Spot also keeps your tags from wearing out and becoming illegible. What good is a tag if you can't read the lettering? The Quiet Spot is completely weatherproof and has a 3M Scotchlite reflective logo for greater visibility at night. It easily houses more than 3 tags and oh boy, does it come in colors!

Best part ever...the great folks at Itzadog are giving five of you readers the opportunity to experience peace & quiet in your own homes: 5 Itzadog Pet Tag Silencers up for grabs.

Mandatory Entry:

Click over to the Itzadog website and peruse the different color options available for the Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer. Make your choice and let me know the color you want if you're drawn a winner. Feel free to take a look at the other products Itzadog has: Zuka Travel bowls, Ecollargy collars & leads and even some great stickers to show your pet pride (1 entry, leave 1 comment).

Extra Credit:

1) Follow my blog (left sidebar) or take credit if you already do. (1 entry, leave 1 comment).

2) Using the locator on their website, tell me the closet retailer to you that sells great Itzadog products. ( 1 entry, leave 1 comment).

3) Tweet the giveaway, can be done daily. (1 entry, leave 1 daily comment).
An easy tweet you can use:

It's a bird, it's a plane, Itzadog - Quiet Spot Tag Silencer giveaway, 5 winners! Ends 8/17

4) Blog it. No need to go nuts..just a quick link to the giveaway and Itzadog on your site. (3 entries, leave 3 comments with your blog url).

US residents only. Giveaway will end on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be contacted via email for their shipping information and color choice. Please leave a way to contact you if your email address is not visible in your blogger profile. Winners have 48 hours to respond before there's a do-over.


mrs.mommyy said...


count me in

Everyone have a great week!

jamaise said...

What a great idea! I have taken the tags off my pooch because of the night time noise they make. I have tried putting tape between the two tags and rubber banding them together but eventually the noise is back. It'd be nice to put them back on!!
My son picked Camouflage Quiet Spot because it's her colors :)

jamaise said...

There aren't any locations too close to me. Happy Trails & Tails in(Carmel) is about 2 hours away.

Stephenie said...

Think Pink! is a great color for my terrier. It would go great with his pink collar with "Love" in rhinestones.

Vala said...

Love the purple for my lab! She always wakes my baby with her tags.

cblanchard76 said...

I love the blue!!!

2kidsblogger said...

Camouflage Quiet Spot looks great!

I'd love to win this prize,for sponsoring this.


Celeste said...

The closest retailer is Cassie's Closet

contact me at:

Stephenie said...

The closest one to me is Dog Lovers
a terrific store! (buy my pet food there)

Mary A said...

The closest place for me to buy some is at Phydeaux in Chapel Hill, NC. Thanks for the giveaway.

jrs0020 said...

The closest retailer to me is Bone Adventure IV (Minneapolis).

Annette D said...

The closest retailer to me is Pampered Paws Boutique (Kingwood)

Annette D said...


TZel said...

This is such a great idea! I would love a black one! Thank you very much

Danielle said...

The closest would be Doggie Wash N' Go (Ft. Washington) PA.

Danielle said...

tweet 8/16.

Danielle said...

tweet 8/17.

kathy pease said...

Catamount (Rutland)
296 US Route 4 EAST

Rutland, VT 05701


tina said...

i would choose the black for are aussie thanks for the chance to win

tina said...

i follow your blog thanks for the chance to win

tina said...

i tweeted thanks for the chance to win

tina said...

just a few miles from are house at
All Natural Pet Supply (Vancouver) thanks for the chance to win

Renee said...

Good ol' black--I got a fabulous mental picture of your spooked dogs reeking havoc on your kitchen and their food bowls--cracked me up :)

K said...

I like the black Pet Tag Silencer