PR Review Information

I am Michelle Hudak, a full-time police dispatcher, wife and mother of four children; two are grown, one in college and the "baby" is in junior high school. My husband and I have moved past the bottles and diapers stage and now we only worry about one of the children wrecking our car (it already happened once!). We own an older home in Cleveland that we are in the process of remodeling on our own to sell in the next year. We're also a pet-friendly family; we have three dogs and a cat. It's quite a full house.

In my spare time, I like read and enter sweepstakes, which is how I started blogging when blog giveaways appeared on my internet horizon. I realized that blog giveaways are much easier to win than normal sweepstakes and hence my own blog was born. I started my blog in October 2008. While my dream was always to write novels, in the meantime, I blog.

Blog reviews and giveaways are excellent low-cost marketing tools for major companies now; they provide advertising and brand recognition for minimal cost touching new consumers who may have never even heard of your products before.
I welcome the opportunity to review products and services and I am always more than happy to write an honest review, in conjunction with a giveaway of your product or not. I do not charge a fee to write a review, but I do require a sample product to be shipped to me without charge. The product will be used in order to write the review and will not be returned. I will post a review within three weeks of receiving the product and will email you a link to the post once it's written.

If you'd like to sponsor a giveaway coinciding with a review, I ask that the prizes be shipped directly to the winner within three weeks of your receipt of the winner's information or the cost of shipping be covered by your company. I'm more than happy to include any keywords, photos or information about your company that you request. Looking to increase your Twitter following, Facebook fans or expand your newsletter subscribers? I'd be glad to offer additional giveaway entries if my readers fulfill those requirements.

Giveaways will normally run for two weeks unless you request a shorter or longer duration. I will promote the giveaway by listing it at various sweepstakes portals, other blogs that list giveaways, and also via Twitter where I have over 4,300 followers. Giveaways will be open to US residents only unless you specify otherwise. I will chose the winners via and notify them via email for their shipping information. Once I receive the winner's information, I will forward it to you for fulfillment of the prize.

I ask that any gift certificate offered as a prize include the cost of shipping. It does not qualify as a giveaway if my reader has to pay for their prize. I am happy to offer any discount codes your company may be offering accompanying a review, but giveaways are supposed to be fun and especially, free!

I do sell ad-space on my blog. I can host your 125x125 blog button on either sidebar above the fold for $20 for a one month period. Please contact me for payment options. I will provide ad-space free for one month to any company that sponsors a review and giveaway. I will list the ad as a "Featured Sponsor" above the fold.

A complete list of companies I have worked with is available on request or can be found on my lower left sidebar. My blog stats are also available upon request. I am open to reviewing any product offered and have a special interest in:

-products relating to electronics, technology and computers; I am responsible for IT at work and am well-schooled in software and computer repair as well as network support.

-products geared toward teens and young adults, especially games for computers or gaming consoles. We own an Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, and a Playstation Portable. Each of my children have their own desktop/laptop.

-home repair and renovation products; we're remodeling our house for sale and doing most of the work ourselves. My husband is quite adept at plumbing, drywall, painting, and electrical work.

-pet products for dogs and cats

-home organizational products

-beauty products

-cooking; cookbooks, appliances, foods, gadgets, baking and cookware

-apparel, shoes, handbags and jewelry

-household items including cleaning products, laundry items, and decor

Thank you in advance for considering my site. I look forward to working with your company to increase exposure to your products.

Contact information:
Michelle Hudak
Twitter: @auntiethesis