Sunday, December 7, 2008

How about Heelys?

Last Christmas the fever was all Heelys. Everyone wanted them and my daughter was no exception. It wasn't until Christmas eve day that I decided I'd crack open Mom's secret stash and buy her a pair. She already had a pile of gifts under the tree, but I knew she really wanted those Heelys and I didn't want to disappoint her. I searched high and low that day, almost every store was sold out. Luckily the clerk at Dick's Sporting Goods steered me to a shoe store in the mall. There they were...Heelys in stock..except they had no more "girly" colors left. I settled for a generic black and white pair, pretty unisex.

She loved them. There wasn't a better present under the tree. My daughter wore those Heelys everywhere and she was goooood! I was surprised at how quickly she caught on. And fun! I spent a lot of time pining for my youth and wishing I had a pair, too! My sister-in-law saw how much fun my daughter was having and decided to buy her daughter a pair too. One problem..sister-in-law is...uh...frugal. She went to the mall and bought a knock-off pair at some tiny kiosk. Her daughter wore them two days before they broke and they had to return them.

I'm proud to say our Heelys never broke. There's a ton of miles on those shoes and they've been everywhere..even the amusement park this past summer. If only her feet weren't growing, she'd still be skating around in her Heely's.

And imagine my delight to find out that A Child Chosen is not only hosting a great Heelys giveaway, they're giving the entire family a pair. Mom, Dad, kids...everyone's getting a pair of their own! How cool is that? I'm betting my daughter wants the Ivy Heelys , maybe the Sleek for Dad? And I just know my son is going to pick the Slash.

Skate over to A Child Chosen now and ends today 12/7!