Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Depot makes your life easier

Spring time is here and my 90-year-old house has plenty of Spring projects that need to be taken care of. First on the list is the peeling garage that is craving a couple coats of paint. Wouldn't an Airless Paint Sprayer from The Home Depot Rental Center make that job a whole lot easier? Not only would it be easy, but it could be free if I win the $200 Home Depot Tool Rental gift card from Today's Green Construction. Comments have to be in before April 17 at 11:59pm.

And there's another chance to land that $200 Home Depot Rental Center gift card at Home Improvement Advice. The Home Depot Rental Center doesn't just rent manly-man tools either, you can rent this great carpet scrubber and start your indoor spring cleaning by renewing and freshening your carpets. The deadline is also April 17.