Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Power of the Penguin

You're looking at two of the biggest Club Penguin fans ever! That's my daughter and my niece. Both of them love nothing better than to spend a Saturday afternoon in my daughter's room playing games on Club Penguin together. Club Penguin is a safe gaming site designed just for kids. While it's free to become a member, buying a paid membership opens up a whole lot more fun for my daughter. We usually buy her a one-month membership card for $9.95 at Best Buy, Target, or CVS. Just the other day, my daughter conned my husband into buying her another month-long membership while they were at CVS in exchange for her cleaning her room which was on the verge of being declared a Hudak Disaster Zone.

And if you're interested in the site, you have the chance to win a 6-month paid membership to Club Penguin at Chefdruck Reviews. Not only do you get the membership but also a cute stuffed penguin and a stuffed puffle to boot! Comment to win on the Chefdruck Reviews post before Friday, April 10.


TheEclecticElement said...

Aw that's too cute!
I'm a huge gamer myself but am too cheap to buy memberships to the larger gaming sites. Lol
And hey, if that's a way to get her to clean her room, I think you both get a good deal :D