Saturday, April 4, 2009

Win something for your Spot

Spot Organics is having a big giveaway; you could win over $70 in spa products for your pooch. Included are:

* 1) 4 oz Happy Spray - a refreshing spicy citrus scent designed to uplift your dogs spirit. (also works great as a daily freshening spray)

* (1) 8 oz Coat Care Shampoo - a moisturizing shampoo with a clean, fresh scent.

* (1) 4 oz Coat Care Spray - a daily moisturizing grooming spray.

* (1) Jar of 30 Ear Cleansing Cloths - 100% natural ear cleaning made easy!

* (1) 4 oz Bug Off Spray - keep bugs at bay with this great lemongrass scented spray.

Enter to win on this Spot Organics post before April 17.


TheEclecticElement said...

You know, something tells me my dog wouldn't appreciate the effort I would put into winning him spa stuff. Lol
I don't think he would even like the stuff either >.<