Friday, May 15, 2009

Good fortune awaits....

My middle child just graduated from college last weekend. I just stumbled upon a few giveaways for the perfect table favor for his party. Fancy Fortune Cookies.

Pick your flavor, add your personal sentiment and you've got the perfect party snack for the tables at any party you host. So who's got the giveaways?

The Dirty Shirt: $50 gift certificate. Ends 5/29.

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy: $50 gift certificate. Ends 5/20.

Robyn's Online World: 100 cookies of your choice. Ends 5/15.

The Giveaway: 100 cookies of your choice. Ends 5/16.

Fairy Blog Mother: $50 gift certificate and another for a giant personalized fortune cookie. Ends 5/15.

Life is Sweet Reviews: your choice of a large fortune cookie or a collection of small ones. Ends 5/20.

Thrifty & Chic Mom: $50 gift certificate. Ends 5/22.

Frugal Mommy of Two Girls: 100 personalized fortune cookies of your choice. Ends 5/26

The Girl in Paradise: $50 gift certificate Ends 5/29

Life Starring Ellie & Eve
: $50 gift certificate. Ends 6/1

My Charmed Life
: $50 gift certificate Ends 6/5


Shel said...

I am! I never got to finish college so seeing two of my children graduate with Bachelor's degrees makes me very happy. I have another that will graduate next year and then I get a breather before my daughter will even start college.