Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Hair of the Dog

I own three dogs. I certainly never set out to form my own dog pack, which we refer to at our house as “the doggage”. Each one sort of fell into our family. Once we got through those puppy stages when each of them were learning not to make “bad..OUTSIDE!!” and that my brand new coffee table is not a chew toy (thanks Bailey, you tiny termite), they’ve all turned out to be great dogs. The biggest drawback to owning dogs is shedding. At our house, no matter how many times I vacuum, you’re going to find dog hair on my floor. And while our couch is a “no-Bo-zone”, the oldest dog still feels he’s earned the right to nap on my furniture when I‘m not looking. So if you come over, I’ll hand you a lint roller before you leave because your pants are bound to collect stray dog hair. This is the worst time of year for my dogs because they’re all shedding…the oldest two are losing fur in clumps because one is a Chow-mix and the other a Black Lab-mix. We have hair tumbleweeds hiding behind all our furniture. Stop by and you’ll hear “tink, tink, tink” as dog tags smack together when the dogs start scratching. The oldest is also a licker. He’s been known to lick himself a bald patch at least once a summer. Once we have a bald patch, we’ve got stink. No matter how many baths, that hotspot is going to emit a foul smell

I had no idea that excessive shedding, itching and smell are all caused by nutritional deficiencies in dogs. Commercial dog food is cooked at extremely high temperatures which destroys many of the delicate nutrients dogs need to be healthy. Even an overweight dog can be malnourished; take away the essential nutrients and you have a malnourished dog. If I ate nothing but chocolate-marshmallow ice cream every day (living the dream), I’d probably end up being overweight and malnourished since I’d be lacking the vitamins and minerals my body requires. Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean it is good for you.

So while I can buy all the expensive vacuum cleaners and lint brushes in the world, I’m still going to have dogs that shed, stink and scratch. A much better solution would be to supplement the doggage’s diet. Dinovite has the answers. If you stop by their solutions center and answer their step-by-step questions, they’ll tell you which of their products best suit’s the needs of your dog. My recommendation for Bo is the Dinovite 2 Gallon and the Lickochops. The best part is that if you follow their recommendation and use the product for 90 days and you’re not satisfied, Dinovite will refund your purchase price, guaranteed. That’s a company that believes in its products.

What is Dinovite? It's not a pill, it's a powder for your dog's regular dog food. Dinovite contains all natural ingredients: amino acids, fatty acids, zinc, vitamins, direct-fed microbials and other nutrients that can help support and maintain your dog's good health. Dinovite will make up for what your regular dog food lacks improving your dog's overall health and giving him a year-round soft and shiny coat of hair, on your dog and not your floor!



Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

We have similar "tumbleweeds" from our seven cats (and, similar to you, we had no intention of forming our own herd, it just happened!). Even here in hot and humid Houston, their coats get thicker in what passes for winter here, so in the spring/summer, it's shedding galore! Add to that the amount of grooming that cats to, which equals hairballs.... yuck!

One of our cats tend to pull out tufts of his hair, resulting in some thin spots, but in his case it appears to be mildly stress-related -- a sort of bad habit he picked up when we first trapped him as a feral cat. Adjusting to life with people took a long time for him, but he seems to be happy now. He just still pulls at his hair a little....

TheEclecticElement said...

I know the whole shedding thing. Although we only have ONE dog and how in the hell he manages to shed like we have 5 is beyond all of us.
The greatest part of all is when we went to the breeder for a puppy, he said and I quote, "The dog breed is a non shedding breed."

Excuse me while I say HA.