Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks SnorgTees

Back in February I was notified that I was the lucky winner at Mama Makes Money's giveaway for my choice of t-shirt from SnorgTees. I immediately chose "That's What She Said" for my oldest son, it's his favorite saying. I kept waiting for the shirt to come and finally contacted the blog owner a few weeks ago to ask if she'd heard anything. She got in touch with SnorgTees who wrote that they did ship my shirt and showed delivery confirmation that it was left at my house on March 18. Unfortunately, I was working that day and my package from SnorgTees, as well as a replacement cell phone battery and a space print, appear to have been stolen from my porch.

While this certainly wasn't the fault of SnorgTees, they offered and then promptly sent me a replacement. My son stopped by today to model his new t-shirt from SnorgTees. I wanted to publicly acknowledge their kindness. First, by sponsoring so many great blog giveaways and second, for going above and beyond as a sponsor and sending me a replacement shirt when they certainly didn't have to. That's great customer service, in my opinion. That one simple act made my oldest son very happy, my other sons very jealous, and they've earned my future loyalty as a customer. Thank you SnorgTees.


Rizzo said...

That is extremely cool that they did that for you. I'm in the same business as them. I actually had a $500 printer stolen from my front porch (why would they leave that???). After some intense discussions, the company replaced it free of charge.

TheEclecticElement said...

Well that is really nice of them!! Don't worry, the person who stole that stuff will get there comeuppance! It's called Karma.