Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take a look at my Coach

About a week ago I found out I was the lucky winner of a new Coach bag from a giveaway I entered at Mommy Niri sponsored by Springpad. Finding Springpad was a gift in itself. Springpad is an online organizing site where you can keep track of addresses, appointments, recipes, photos, to-do lists, and more! Did I mention Springpad is free? It's also a way to connect with other Springpad users and your own friends and family. Share recipes and information with your Springpad contacts, have appointment reminders sent to your email or your cell phone or even your husband's (my favorite feature!). I love that you can add your personal to-do lists and tasks and I've already begun organizing all those recipes I keep on scraps of paper in a box in the kitchen. Find a recipe and you can also print out a grocery list of items you need to prepare the dish. Springpad is also capable of connecting with Facebook so you can exchange information from your Facebook account and post Springpad activity to your wall. Springpad is definitely a find for someone as disorganized and forgetful as I am.

And as far as my new Coach, I'm head-over-heels in love. Years ago I owned a Coach purse and only recently I attended a party and two of the ladies there had Coach purses. I spent the night promising that I'd start saving to buy myself a Coach for my birthday next year. Springpad also included a great Coach Poppy journal and Coach pencils with my new bag; a very beautiful and thoughtful touch that I appreciated so much.

Thank you Springpad and Mommy Niri; you couldn't have drawn a more happy winner and very pleased Springpad user.


katin miller said...

Hi Shel -

I am so glad that you are enjoying springpad & the new Coach! Let me know if I can ever help with anything...

katin from springpad