Thursday, September 10, 2009

FeelGood & Look Great with Lands' End

Lands' End is a company I've come to know for their great clothes but they're now increasing their good works by kicking off their national FeelGood campaign that began on September 1st. For every purchase of one of their FeelGood sweaters, Lands' End will donate their FeelGood yarn to the One Heart's Foundation Warming Families, a nationwide charity that knits clothes for the homeless. With the yarn donated by Lands' End on behalf of its customers, Warming Families will be able to knit as many as 25,000 hats to be donated to families in need across our country. With winter coming, each hat donated to someone homeless will be much needed and appreciated.

By buying a Lands' End FeelGood sweater you'll not only be doing good, you'll be looking great:

This sweater is my personal favorite; soft, cozy, classic and stylish. You'll feel beautiful wearing it and doing a beautiful thing by buying it.

By writing this post, I'm doing my small part to help. For each blog post written, Lands' End is donating a cone of their FeelGood yarn which is enough yarn to make 28 hats. If you want to do more, Lands' End can give you a hand with that, too. There's a link to a free pattern on their FeelGood site that you can download so you can knit a cute ribbed hat yourself and donate your finished work to a Warming Families volunteer group in your area. Can't knit? There's hope for you because Lands' End is even providing a hands-on video tutorial by Vickie Howell, author and host of TV's Knitty Gritty. Even I, hopelessly craft-challenged, should be able to tackle this project without a problem.

And mark you calendar for this upcoming Wednesday, September 16 because Lands' End is hosting a Twitter party and you're invited to attend. Vickie Howell will be there to co-host and I'm sure she'll answer any questions you have about your FeelGood knitting project. Feeling good and having fun are the themes for the party that night and there will be more than 20 prizes for attendees ranging from the Lands' End FeelGood sweater, Vickie Howell books, Lands' End gift cards and FeelGood yarn. The party starts at 7pm CST and ends at 9pm, tweet with the hashtag #landsend.

The FeelGood Story: Every purchase helps a family in need..and they lived warmly ever-after. Let's make a difference this winter.