Sunday, February 7, 2010

**CLOSED**Giveaway: Zevro Solutions for Modern Living


My husband and I used to play a game. It's not a fun game and it was going on for years. I call it The Canister Game. You see, in the morning my husband loves his coffee. He brews a full pot and has a few cups before he leaves for work while I gently slumber. He takes the rest of the pot in his thermos for work. Every morning I wake up to find my canister of sugar on the kitchen counter. Now, I have zero counter space in my tiny kitchen so even something as small as a canister takes up precious room. Plus it just irks me to no end. To top it off, he must get bonus points in this game by dipping his wet coffee spoon back into my canister of sugar. When I'd go to bake something, I'd find these little sugar-coffee nuggets in my canister of sugar. Grrrr.

Game over..I found a solution. While browsing through the Lillian Vernon catalog, I came across one clever gadget. It's the Indispensable Sugar n' More Dispenser by Zevro.


The Indispensable Sugar n' More Dispenser can be used for sugar or other powder cooking products. It comes with three measurement inserts: 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, or 1 teaspoon. Insert the desired measurement, fill the dispenser with product, and squeeze the handle and you get a perfect measurement each time you squeeze. The dispenser keeps out moisture and air and it's simple to refill. In addition, there's a dial on the top of the dispenser that you can turn from "closed" to "pour" or "sprinkle" making it easy to use for baking or sprinkling powdered sugar. I love the sleek design and it's small enough to sit on your counter but large enough so that you won't have to refill it daily.

Zevro is based in Illinois and the company designs uncommon products to solve common problems. I was impressed by the clever, attractive and just plain cool gadgets Zevro has to offer all very reasonably priced. Kitchen organization doesn't have to be plain and boring with Zevro. The products are designed to solve kitchen dilemmas right out in the open; you're not going to want to hide Zevro's products in a cupboard or drawer. They're going to do their job and look great while doing it.

The folks at Zevro want to introduce you to their products so you can find out for yourself just how clever they are. Zevro has generously provided four prize packages of some of the products they're most proud of. There will be 4 winners; one for each prize offered.

Prize#1: Single Canister Gat100 Dry Food Dispenser in Black: great for storing cereal and other dry foods. The Gat100 dispenses a perfect 1oz portion of dry goods with the twist of the knob and keeps your product fresh for 45 days. Great for those of us with young ones that can't seem to remember to seal the cereal bag after pouring.


Prize#2: Ruby Series-5 Piece Vac 'n Seal Rectangle Storage Containers: The Vac n' Seal storage containers have a hand-held pump to seal in freshness and flavor for all your dry or liquid foods. They also have side buckles for additional protection. Vac 'n Seal storage containers an airtight and leak-proof barrier for your food storage.


Prize#3: Magnetic Spice Rack: The Magnetic Spice Rack contains 6 silver spice canisters, a stainless steel accent shelf and self-adhesive spice labels. Designed to keep your spices fresh, there's an easy dial on the top of each canister for "closed", "pour", and "sprinkle".

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Prize#4: Indispensable Coffee and Sugar 'n More Dispensers: The Indispensable Coffee Dispenser is designed to keep ground coffee fresh while dispensing a even tablespoon of coffee with the squeeze of the handle. Measuring is easy and no more coffee grounds ending up on the counter since you just position the dispenser right over the coffee maker and squeeze. Your Sugar n' More Dispenser will keep your sugar fresh while dispensing either 1/4, 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of product with the interchangeable measuring attachments included.


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Mandatory Entry:

1) Visit Zevro and find another product, other than those I've mentioned, that you find clever and would love to have in your kitchen. Tell me in a comment which one. (1 entry, leave 1 comment).

Extra Credit:

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US residents only. Giveaway will end on February 28, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. There will be four winners; one for each prize package. First winner drawn will have his/her choice of prize package, each additional winner will choose from the remaining prizes. Please leave me a way to contact you if your email address is not visible in your Blogger profile. Winners have 48 hours to respond with their shipping information and prize choice before there's a do-over and I draw another winner.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated nor provided a product for my review. I purchased the Sugar 'n More Dispenser on my own and was smitten. Zevro generously shipped the products above to me to offer as a giveaway to my readers.