Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stop, Drop and Let's Roll

Allow me a bit of Wednesday Whining. My kitchen is small. When I purchased the house some 20 years ago, I never realized that the lack of counter space and cupboards was going to be such a problem over the years. The kitchen is one of the biggest reasons I want to sell my house and move. The economy is not cooperating. In the meantime, I've managed to expand my storage space by installing decorative shelving over the stove, using a tall cupboard that also functions as a microwave cart ala pantry, and using drop leaf tables to extend my limited counter space as well as provide seating in my kitchen.

The time has come to replace my worn-out drop leaf and I'm in the market for something functional, stylish that might even give me a bit more storage.

Between counter appliances, my canister set and my dish drainer, I have a space of about a foot left in order to create kitchen masterpieces. Forget making cookies with my counter; I've always opted to flip up the leafs and lay my cookie sheets on my drop leaf table. But I sorely need that extra cupboard space and I'm craving this table:

I love the detailing and the extra space would be perfect for storing cookbooks and other odds and ends. My current drop leaf table is the first thing you see when you walk into my kitchen from the back door and this one is quite a show-stopper. It's the perfect size for my kitchen. While I could always opt for a small kitchen island for my kitchen, I don't want to give up the cozy seating a drop leaf provides. Some of my favorite moments are spent with my daughter doing homework at the drop leaf table while I cook dinner in the evening. I love sipping coffee in the morning at my kitchen table while I look out the window. I think that drop leaf is the most used seating in my house.

I'm torn, I love them all. Which one is your favorite?


vvb32 reads said...

maybe i'm too late with my 2cents, but i like the 3rd one - mostly because it seems to have maximum hidden storage. and when the leaves are down it looks nice - almost like an antique piece.