Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super Stands to the Rescue from CSN Stores

A few months ago our beast of a tv finally died. It was a slow, painful death and I, for one, was not sorry to see it go. We were finally able to buy one of the new flat panel tv sets that doesn't have a huge back on it that looks like a Jersey mule. Since we were in a hurry, we just picked up a cheapie tv stand for our new 42" LG TV at the local discount store. No storage and it wobbles like my daughter did the first time she tried on a pair of high heels. What I should have done instead was hit CSN stores and take a look at their flat panel tv stands because the problem wouldn't be finding one I like, the problem would be narrowing it down to just one!

Moving my living room around would really let me save space and I'm crushing on this corner tv stand with the gorgeous glass doors:

Sliding doors and frosted glass...I've always loved anything in a warm espresso color too:

I love the variety CSN offers as well as how affordable their products are. Many items ship free and that's one criteria I look for in an online shopping site. Take a minute and check out all CSN has to offer.