Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspired by the Acer Aspire

In honor of another school year starting, Blogher and Intel have teamed up to offer a few lucky bloggers the opportunity to put the Acer Aspire laptop to the test. Did it score an A+ or is it serving a Saturday detention? You'll have to read the reviews listed to find out, but if you do your homework you, too, will have the chance to be the teacher's pet with an Acer Aspire of your own! The bell rings for each on August 31 at 5:00pm, so don't be tardy!

1) Scrutiny by the Masses.

2) Deb on the Rocks.

3) Bacon is My Enemy.

4) Owlhaven.

5) Petroville.

6) Mocha Momma.

7) Busy Mom.